What we do

We discover, develop, and produce hydrocarbons from the UK Continental shelf (UKCS). Since we began exploration, after setting up in the UK in 1997, we have grown into one of the sector's leading players, holding 18 operator licences and an interest in 13 producing fields. We entered the UK onshore market in October 2013 when we acquired a 25% share in 13 licences in Cheshire and East Midlands from iGas (formerly Dart), who remains the operator.

21st century fuel

The hydrocarbon reserves in UKCS waters are a valuable resource. Exploring for them, developing discoveries, and producing oil and gas play an important part in securing the UK's fuel supply and maximising the use of the country's resources.

In 2012, we sanctioned the Cygnus and Juliet developments – with the £1.4 billion Cygnus operation alone expected to produce 5% of the UK's gas at peak production in 2016. The Juliet field delivered first gas in January 2014.

Our approach to all aspects of our operations is driven by a commitment to Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental performance, and to the highest levels of technical performance, expertise, and technology.

Journey of discovery

Finding oil and gas reserves in the UK North Sea is technically challenging and resource-intensive. At ENGIE E&P in the UK, we seek to balance the potential rewards of new discoveries against the risks of exploration by maintaining a diverse portfolio of prospects. This allows us to explore the rich but uncertain possibilities of ‘frontier' areas like West of Shetland at the same time as more mature areas like the Central and Southern North Sea.

But no exploration is either simple or risk-free. We have invested heavily in expertise and technology to help reduce those risks – by realising the true potential of the Cygnus field, our subsurface team has made one of the most significant UK North Sea discoveries in a generation. We have drilled 26 exploration wells and 12 additional appraisal wells since 2001, with a commercial success rate of 50%. Read more about our exploration.

Growing as an operator

In 2012, ENGIE E&P in the UK sanctioned production at the Cygnus and Juliet fields, our first major operated producing developments.

We are the operator of 18 licences in the North Sea, including our first major operated fields, Cygnus and Juliet. We have prepared for this new phase of our business by developing some of the industry’s leading expertise and most advanced technology. Our use of the latest generation of drilling equipment allows us to take on technically-challenging well operations, including high pressure/high temperature (HP/HT) drilling, hydraulic fracturation, acid stimulation, and processes like well servicing, work over, and well abandonment. Read more about our production operations.