Kate, Legal Manager, Company Secretary, and Ethics Officer

“The people are bright and motivated, the work is challenging and rewarding – there is never a dull moment!”

Shereen, Geophysicist

“Advances in technology are being developed every day which help us to find the more challenging accumulations, as well as reduce the risk on those prospects we have identified. It is exciting to use science in a practical way to make a contribution to society’s energy needs.”

Sue, Asset Manager

“The work here is technically challenging and interesting, and you have autonomy and responsibility early on in your career.”

Sylvester, Onshore Subsurface Team Leader

“Explorationists are creative and innovative and most times sees things that others don’t see. I joined the company for the freedom to explore – and now I’m searching for hydrocarbons in a new frontier area and conceiving new ideas which look promising.”