Our approach to quality is summed up in a simple phrase: “the right people, doing the right things, in the right way, at the right time”. For us, operational excellence is inseparable from the highest standards.

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Health and safety

We believe that all incidents are preventable. We have had no
lost-time incidents since our operations began in 1997, a record that we will work hard to maintain.

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We want to achieve responsible growth while meeting the UK’s energy needs, ensuring security of energy supply and optimising the use of natural resources. Our environmental policy aims to prevent adverse impacts from our operations on the environment.

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Our operations should be of benefit to the communities in which we work. We take our responsibilities to those around us seriously, and support a number of community initiatives.

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Our business is founded on core ethical principles: respect for others, a culture of integrity, and a code of behaviour which emphasises fairness, honesty, and compliance with legislation and regulations.

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Our latest environmental statements from our projects and our business as a whole.