Ethics and human rights

Respect for others, a culture of integrity, and a code of behaviour which emphasises fairness, honesty, and compliance with legislation and regulations – these are the principles by which we ensure that our ethics and human rights standards are upheld and maintained.

Our principles

Within ENGIE E&P in the UK, we have a policy framework to help employees understand how value-based, morally right practices can be applied in real world situations. The framework is based on four fundamental principles:

  • Acting in accordance with legislation and regulations
  • Establishing a culture of integrity
  • Behaving fairly and honestly
  • Respecting others.

Our ethical policy framework

Every employee in the ENGIE Group – which includes ENGIE E&P in the UK – is required to adhere to the Group's Ethics Charter and Ethics in Practice Guidelines.

In addition, we have a formal whistleblowing policy which sets out procedures to ensure that employees or contractors can raise matters of concern confidentially, without fear of reprisal. Our Code of Business Ethics, and EPI Gifts and Entertainment Policy further reinforce our commitment to high ethical standards.