Health and safety

Our goal is to prevent adverse HSE impacts on employees, contractors, the public, our stakeholders and the environment. We regard all incidents as preventable, and we apply the highest standards of quality assurance and continuous improvement to ensure that everyone involved in our operations remains safe and well.


Total focus on safety

In the first fifteen years of our business life – including 206,395 drilling hours during 2012 – we have recorded no lost time-incidents. This figure is a source of great pride and provides a solid foundation as we move into the next stage of the company’s development. In our most recent staff survey 93% of employees said they believed health and safety was taken very seriously by the company; we want this proportion to rise further.


Alongside our company-wide Health, Safety and Environmental policy our internal i-care system helps us develop and promote our corporate culture of focusing on health and safety. i-care encourages and rewards employees who identify areas of practice that could be improved from a quality, health, safety, security or environmental point of view, and provides a forum in which employees are reminded of their own responsibilities. The i-care programme covers:

  • Training, coaching and awareness
  • An intranet-based system for recording observations, interventions, suggestions and recommendations
  • Both office activities and operations
  • Integrated initiatives promoting QHSE best practice, including communications and strategy themes.