The Cygnus project, sanctioned in August 2012, is expected to contribute 5% to UK gas production at its peak – supplying gas to the equivalent of 1.5 million homes in Britain. ENGIE E&P in the UK is the operator of Cygnus, responsible for ensuring that this valuable hydrocarbon resource is extracted and supplied safely and efficiently.

Our involvement with Cygnus goes back to 2002 – when we recognised the potential of the field which had been previously and unsuccessfully explored by other operators.

We successfully completed the Offshore Installation Campaign during the summer of 2015, and are now in the Hook-up and Commissioning phase. First gas is expected in 2016.


Our Role - Operator
UK Continental Shelf Blocks: Location 44/11A, 44/12A
Projected peak gas output - 250m ft3
Estimated reserves (proven & probable) - 110 mmboe, 2P
Discovered in 1988; Production start in 2015
Partners: GDF SUEZ E&P UK - 38.75%, Centrica - 48.75%, Bayern Gas - 12.5%


  • 2002-2003

    We are awarded the Cygnus operating licence in 2002, and began using 3D appraisal technology in 2003.

  • 2009

    Our eastern appraisal well results were successful.

  • 2010

    The western appraisal well confirmed the presence of gas in block 4 and Cygnus became one of the UK’s most significant gas fields - with estimated 2P reserves of 110 mmboe.

    Centrica and Bayerngas became Cygnus partners, and we were awarded licence P1731 by DECC.

  • 2012

    We completed the FEED (Front End Engineering and Design) phase of the project. Cygnus project reached sanction in early August. By the end of 2012, work was underway on the detailed design and construction of the facilities, and on well preparation.

  • 2013

    Detailed design continued while the fabrication of the platforms and subsea structures progressed. More contracts on the build were awarded, further increasing UK content of the project.

  • 2014-2015

    The offshore installation campaign is completed involving 11 transportation barges and 10 lifts by Oleg Strashnov – the APU topsides was the heaviest lift Oleg Strashnov has ever performed.

    Two subsea structures and 58km of 12inch and 24inch pipelines were installed.

    Four wells were drilled by the Ensco 80 drilling rig.

    Operations and Hook up and Commissioning (HUC) teams mobilized offshore.

  • 2016

    Cygnus First Gas



    Our role is to develop the Cygnus field which is located in blocks 44/12a and 44/11a of the Southern North Sea. Development is focused through one main hub – Cygnus Alpha complex, a permanently manned hub with three bridge linked platforms. A second well head is located to the west of the field at the Cygnus Bravo platform. There are ten production wells being drilled in total as well as a new 50km gas export pipeline to connect the field, via new and existing Subsea infrastructure (Wye manifold), to the Esmond Transportation System (ETS) pipeline export, which terminates on the UK mainland at Bacton.


    Between 2001 and 2012, our subsurface data analysis, innovative geological thinking and leading-edge geophysics, enabled us to develop a discovery that was once deemed sub-commercial into the largest gas field discovery in the Southern North Sea for 25 years.

    The discovery demonstrates our commitment to view exploration as a long-term, value-adding activity and technology, sharing expertise.


    The Cygnus field has gross proven and probable reserves of 110 mmboe. The project will reach peak production in 2016, and will represent a gross initial investment of £1.4bn over the first five years.


    As an operator, we are committed to the highest health, safety and environmental standards. Safety is our top priority without exception and we invest heavily in building and maintaining a strong safety culture across our workforce.

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