Finding gas or oil reserves is a scientific and technical feat. Extracting them safely from the challenging environment of the North Sea calls for some of the best expertise and most innovative technology in the industry.

Fuelling the UK

The production process turns our exploration successes into the oil and gas that fuel the UK’s homes and economy. In 2012, ENGIE E&P in the UK entered a new phase of operatorship with the approval of the Cygnus and Juliet developments. Juliet became one of the company’s first operated producing asset in 2014, whilst Cygnus, at its peak, is expected to contribute 5% to UK gas production.

Our production operations are, like the rest of our business, driven by a commitment to quality – above all to health and safety and the environment, but also to performance, expertise, and technology. In the North Sea, our use of the latest generation of drilling equipment allows us to take on technically challenging well operations, including high pressure/high temperature (HP/HT) drilling and processes like well servicing, work over, and well abandonment

High pressure, high temperature – high standards

Only a small elite of North Sea operators possesses the expertise and technology to drill ultra-high pressure, high temperature (ultra HP/HT) wells safely and efficiently. These HP/HT wells, usually found at depths of 17,000ft or more, can exceed 16,000 psi of pressure and 375 deg F.

We use specific engineering software to model the effects of these conditions on equipment like casing strings, wellheads, testing strings and down hole packers – and invest in precise predictions of factors like reservoir pore pressures and fracture gradients, so that the well remains controlled at all times.

In 2009, our Tesla HP/HT exploration well (22/24c-11), drilled in record time and with no lost-time incidents, was declared ‘Best in Class’ by Rushmore Reviews. Most recently, our Faraday exploration well (30/1a-11) was successfully plugged and abandoned in January 2012, with no lost-time incidents and having reached a total depth of 18,362ft.

International experience, local expertise

As the UK affiliate of ENGIE E&P, we can draw on our parent company’s extensive and varied worldwide experience. ENGIE E&P conducts exploration and production in 16 countries, and has a total of 799 Mboe 2P reserves and produces 51.9 Mboe. ENGIE E&P’s international support centre for well operations, ADEC (Aberdeen Drilling Excellence Centre), is based in Aberdeen – ensuring that operations by all ENGIE E&P affiliates are conducted in accordance with the best industry operational and safety practices.